Monday, 5 November 2012

Plymouth - SPUC Pro-Life Universities Tour

Following our stop off at Bristol we returned to London, only to head back to the south west the following day for a pro-life talk at Plymouth University. The train journey was particularly scenic between Exeter and Plymouth - beautiful views of the countryside, coasts, beaches, and the sea. 

We were greeted by Fr. Ian Hellyer, a recent Catholic priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and Catholic chaplain at Plymouth University. Upon arrival we were fed authentic Cornish pasties, tea, and scones with strawberry jam. Fr Ian told us how he met his wife whilst they were both students at university. Fr. Ian's wife was a Catholic, he an Anglican. She started the pro-life society and he dutifully joined. They were married and are now parents to 9 children. Fr. Ian entered the Anglican ministry for 20 years, and 18 months ago converted to Catholicism through the Ordinariate. 

The talk, given by Joseph Meaney, went well. Having a mixture of UK and overseas students certainly added a good element to discussions afterwards. Members of the SPUC Plymouth branch also joined us for the talk. Christine Hudson of SPUC Plymouth spoke afterwards about the work of the local group, SPUC campaigns, and the youth and student newsletter. The SPUC Plymouth group have been active in supporting students at Plymouth and Exeter, inviting them to events, and sponsoring students to attend the SPUC international youth conference. We stayed for a long time talking afterwards, then were offered a very nice dinner and bed for the night by Christine and her family.

Whilst we were at Plymouth, SPUC's communications and media manager Anthony Ozimic was speaking to Exeter Univeristy's newly founded pro-life society. 

Up next: Exeter
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