Wednesday, 17 April 2013

From Death to Life: One post-abortive father's testimony

Below is the script and audio recording of one father's experience of abortion and healing. I heard this talk in London recently at a 40 Days for life event. Many thanks to the father for providing the text of his talk, and to Robert Colquhoun who provided the recording. 
  • “If someone had said to me some 14 years ago that I’d be standing up in front of a group of complete strangers confessing one of the most personal and tragic events of my life” 14 years ago, judged by the worlds standards, anyone looking at me from the outside would have seen a well educated and grounded individual with all the trappings of success. I was working in London at the time, as a qualified professional, earning a very respectable salary, with 2 investment flats, one in prime Islington, north London and the other in central Bath with views over the city. The picture is made complete when I say that I had also a little country cottage with my girlfriend at that time with her 2 lovely dogs. To boot, If I tell you that I had also a handsome, 18 hand, part thoroughbred, chestnut horse you’ll get a good idea of my worldly grounding. 
  • Cohabiting and contracepting with girlfriends was just a part of the enjoyment which went with the worldly lifestyle. Never any real commitment since cohabiting, after all, was not marriage but it offered all the attractions and fun, all on my own selfish terms. 
  • The abortion cost a mere £100 in cash and, for my part, all I had to do was get money from the cash till, give it to my girlfriend and wait outside the building until my child had been killed and my girlfriend had been mortally and physically wounded. What a cop- out and what a stinking coward I was!
  • a period of ill health, extensive medical tests and great unhappiness. It resulted in my moving out of the cottage and being signed off work for about 9 months. A time came when I realised I really was in a bad way when I found myself rocking on my spine one night in the bath. I had just lost so much weight, going down to about 7 stone.
  •  Returning to Mass began a long spiritual journey, along the road of which I have physically and spiritually experienced the love and mercy of an incredible God, who is also Our Father. Each of us, I believe, in time of most need, is only a heartfelt prayer away from an answer to the meaning and purpose of their life.
  • Men, be real men, and save the lives of unborn children.
  • On 12 March 2011, only 7 days before the feast of St. Joseph, our daughter Hannnah Grace Mary was given to us.
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