Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pro-abortionists have a lot of tough questions to answer. Pro-lifers should be asking them

It is common for those who promote abortion to describe those who identify themselves as pro-life as being ignorant or unenlightened.

It is worth remembering that it is those who either advocate abortion, or do nothing to oppose it who are the ones with all the explaining to do.

Science is clear that life begins at conception. Those who are pro-choice/pro-abortion employ various methods to justify their position that it's morally acceptable to kill unborn babies. They also frequently claim that pro-lifers are being immoral in holding that abortion is wrong, and for working to bring a stop to it. A striking recent example of this was the coordinated shouting of "shame on you" directed by a pro-abortion group at the recent 40 Days for Life London vigil to end abortion.

However, I have noticed that very few people who describe themselves as being pro-choice/pro abortion are comfortable with being told about the details of abortion. They are uncomfortable about abortion methods, they are uncomfortable about the instruments used to perform abortions, they are uncomfortable about seeing images of unborn children developing in the womb (or videos) and they are uncomfortable about seeing images of aborted children.

There are many who are ignorant of these realities. If you are one of them then consider visiting each of the above links. If you don't wish to visit the links, then ask yourself how it is that you can be in favour of something, but be unprepared to look at and read about the thing that you support.

If you or anybody you know has been involved with or affected by abortion you should know that there are people who can help.
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